AI Tab addons enhance the functionality and design of websites. With the addon, users can easily customize interactive tabbed content sections on their web pages. This feature allows for organizing and presenting information in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner. It allows website owners to engage their audience effectively, improve navigation, and provide a seamless browsing experience. Whether displaying product features, showcasing different services, or presenting diverse content, the tab addon offers a versatile solution for creating dynamic and engaging websites.

How to set up AI Tab?

Step 1: Search and find Tab in the search box under the Elements Tab. After that, easily drag and drop the widget wherever you want inside the Elementor section.

Step 2: This is how the element will look after inserting the AI Tab.

How to set up content for AI Tab?

Under the content tab, you can configure the AI Tab.

Add as many Tab you want by clicking + Add Item. If you want to edit the content, click on the item name, and then enter a title in the title field. It is possible to add an icon/image near the tab name using the Icon Type and Align Icon in the Icon Alignment fields.

You can drop HTML content or saved templates here in the Type field if you have them. Want to use OpenAI to generate content? Enable the Open AI Content toggle and fill in the prompt, and then click Generate. Yes, a unique piece of content can be created with just a few clicks.

Activate the toggle Vertical Tab to set the tab vertically or leave it untouched to set the tab horizontally.

How to add Styles to AI Tab?

Switch to the Style tab to style all the features of the Tab.

You can style Tab, Tab Title, Content individually in the styling section. Set Margin, Padding, Color, Background Color, Alignment and much more according to your need.

And the final outcome is,

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