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AI Title add-on is an excellent way to optimize your website’s headlines with artificial intelligence because it offers interesting headings that draw readers in and encourage interaction. Through AI, your headlines are sure to be attractive, interesting, and optimised for maximum impact.

Coming up with catchy headlines manually takes so much time, and selecting an optimized title is a very time-consuming process. Now it’s time to say goodbye! Yes, with AI Title, you can easily produce fascinating titles that fascinate your audience.

How to set up the AI Title: 

Step 1: Search and find AI Title in the search box under the Elements Tab. After that, easily drag and drop the widget wherever you want inside the Elementor section.


Step 2: This is how the element will look after inserting AI Title.

How to set up content for the AI Title?

Under the content tab, you can configure the AI Title. 

Clicking the Generate with AI button opens a widget. Enter the prompt text to generate the title, like “Suggest Title for …”, “Generate attractive title for…” so it is based on your  preferences.

Note: Before starting make sure that key is configured in the Settings page of AI Addon. Paste the key in OpenAI API Key tab and click save changes.

Additionally, you can choose the desired tag for the Title in the Heading Tag option. Besides use the Transform menu to change the title to capitalized letters, lowercase letters, or uppercase letters.

How to add Styles to the AI Title?

You can freely choose the colour of your title in both normal and hovering modes here. Additionally set Margin and Typography to the Title in this section.

Facing any challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for any assistance.

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