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AI Social Icons addon is a powerful tool that lets you effortlessly add social media icons to your website. This addon allows you to customize the appearance of the icons. You can choose from a wide selection of popular social media platforms, and link them to your respective social media profiles. By incorporating social media icons into your website, you can enhance user engagement, promote your online presence, and encourage visitors to connect with you on various social platforms, ultimately expanding your reach and driving more traffic to your social media profiles.

How to set up the AI Social Icon?

Step 1: Search and find Social Icon in the search box under the Elements Tab. After that, easily drag and drop the widget wherever you want inside the Elementor section.

Step 2: This is how the element will look after inserting the AI Social Icon.        

How to set up the AI Social Icon?

Under the content tab, you can configure the AI Social Icon.

You can choose the shape, align the icon, and set the number of columns in a row in the Column in Columns box in the Layout section.

By selecting +Add Item in the Icon Section, you can add as many icons as you like. To edit the icon, click on the item’s name. You can upload an SVG image or select an icon from the icon library. In addition, you can add links to icons. Instead of using official colors, you can change their colors by choosing custom from the color dropdown menu and setting the Background color and color of the icon.

How to add Styles to Social Icon?

In the General Section set Margin and Padding to the outer box of the Icon.

You can individually change the color, Background color, Border Type, and Radius in the Icon Section for Normal and Hover Mode. Additionally, you may use Hover Animation in Hover Mode to add animation effects to the icon.

Here is the final outcome,

This is how simply you can customize the Social Icon for your Website using AI Social Icon.

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