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Setting up Fancy Text and Styling it:

Fancy Text is a powerful element that makes your website unique and it grabs the attention of customers easily by highlighting the important information. Also, it helps to improve readability. 

Let’s see how to create eye-catching fancy text for your site using AI Addons,

Step 1: Search and find Fancy Text in the search box under the Elements Tab. Easily drag and drop the widget wherever you want inside the Elementor section.

Step 2: This is how the element will look after inserting Fancy Text.

How to Set Up Content and Styles for Fancy Text 

  1. Click on the element, the Edit Fancy Text box will appear with three sections 
  1. Select the Content Tab, in or figure out the content of the Fancy Text. It is divided into 3 major sections like Prefix Text, Fancy Text, and Suffix text.
  2. Here you can enter the text of your choice into each field, and for Fancy Text you can enter as much text as you want by clicking Add Items.
  1. Under the Content section, there is a “Layout” option that lets you animate your content. Fancy Text offers a variety of Animation effects that add attractive design to your website. Also, you can control the speed of the effects, by providing values in the “Animate Speed” field.

Style your Fancy Text

Navigate to the Style tab for designing text. It has two divisions where you can style your Title and Fancy Text. You can also modify the Color, Margin, Alignment, and Typography of the Title in both Normal and Hover Mode.

In the “Fancy Text” section, you have the flexibility to change the Color, Background, Padding, and typography of your text in Normal mode and Hover mode.

Curious to see the different Fancy Text! Do not wait. Click here to check out our Live Demo.

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